Dr. A.P. Majeed Khan Chairman, N I Educational Trust
Message from Chairman ...
The World today is witnessing rapid changes in the fields of Medicine and surgery which include the Dental field also, causing an all round development and substantial improvement in general health. While new medicines and new drugs are developed newer & newer diseases also crop up throwing challenges to the researchers and medical practitioners. Side by side with these challenges medical practitioners have to crop up with challenges posed by "Magic cure" advertisements in the dailies and magazines.

The problem becomes almost acute as even well educated persons approach physicians to prescribe these magic cure drugs based on the news reports and advertisements. Physicians find it hard to convince these patients telling them that there is no magic cure for any disease. Fortunately the dental field is to a great extent free from such problems. Very rapid developments are taking place in dentistry and dental surgery. The sophisticated techniques and equipments used in Endodontic, Prosthodontic and orthodontic surgery are indeed a boon to the society. In fact, the recent developments in dental science has changed the lives of many young men & women, boys & girls giving them a new look and a psychological boost and self-confidence. But what really pains us is that these benefits reach only 10 to 15 percent of our people. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that dental care and hygiene remains the most neglected area in India. Almost ninety percent of the rural population and more than fifty percent of the urban and semi urban populations remain either ignorant or indifferent.

It is precisely here that dental institutes can play a vital role. Besides imparting knowledge of dental sciences to the students, colleges of Dental science can send teams of dentists to rural areas and conduct dental camps. Besides treating their dental diseases the team can explain to them the basics of Dental care & hygiene and disease prevention procedures. I am sure this will be a great service to society. My only wish is that the advancements in dental science should reach every nook and comer of India, particularly the Indian villages because India lives in her villages. The Noorul Islam College of Dental Science will strive to achieve this in its long journey towards societal commitments and academic excellence.

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