NIMS charity works in communities around the world. They are committed to being there until local people no longer need their help. What's more, local people decide which projects will give them the best chance of changing their lives for the better.


NIMS HARITHAKOM A Project from NI Group


NIMS Harithakom is the result of our concern and love for our Home, Mother Earth. Many talks and seminars are being conducted globally on the subject of deforestation, global warming and the negative effects of it on our existence. It is also a fact to be accepted with a heavy heart that still trees are being destroyed in the name of urbanization and developments. Its high time something really has to be done to coordinate Greenery and developments. Many talks are going on but actions are seldom taken. Nims Harithakom is a mission committed to plant and protect 1 lakh fruit trees, in and around Trivandrum. We invite you to join hands with us in this great venture. Together we can preserve a green world for our generations to come.





Unlocking One’s Potential Prior To Civil Service Examination

Noorul Islam Civil Service Academy (NICS) conducted an interactive session with the famous Neuro Linguistic Programmer and life coach Dr. A. Abraham on the topic “Mind Dynamics for Self Empowerment”. A seminar attended by students from all walks of life focused on the issue of “Discovering one’s potential” prior to their venture into the highly competitive Civil Service Examination. After the formal session there was an open discussion between the students and the Academic Directors, Dr. Ferosh M.Basheer and Sylesh Fernandas. The seminar was conducted under the overall guidance of NIMS Director M S. Faizal Khan.

We have conducted a programme called "Guru sandhwanam" in the teacher’s hermitage at Pattoor, Nalumukku. There are 55 inmates in the hermitage. All are one way or other separated from the society and family. The institution is run by the Government of Kerala and is directly under the DPI. They are all aged and having many mental and physical challenges. We conducted a Medical camp there for the in mates. Eminent Doctors from General Medicine, psychology, Dental and ophthalmology departments took part in the camp. It was exceptionally good service to them especially the psychological counselling. The Director of Public Instructions Mr.APM Mohammed Hanish IAS had inaugurated the medical camp. The Cooperation and Coir Minister Mr. G. Sudhakaran came to the function and he paid respect to the elderly teachers by wearing ponnadas. He also handed over the Refrigerator donated by NIMS Medicity to the inmates.

A paper on "Carbon foot prints on our daily life" was presented by Mr. Renjen Mathew Vargese, Our special environmental officer, in the international conference for environmental issues held in santhigiri. He is state director for WWF. It was an excellent presentation and he was aooreciated by many deligates. It was a new thought and a special way of looking at the environmental problem.


The fast changing life styles and the increase in fast food culture combined with the lack of exercise has considerably depleted the quality of life of the modern man. We can see that heart deceases has become more like an epidemic in the society. People aged 30-45 are more prone to this dread disease. Proper periodical checkups can, to an extent, control sudden heart attacks.

Almost 75000 patients has come for heart treatment in NIMS Heart Foundation, which is a one of the biggest heart hospital in South Kerala in a short span of 4 years. Among them almost 4000 angiogram, 1250 angioplastys and 500 open heart surgeries were done NIMS Heart Foundation is headed by Dr. Madhu sreedhar. Under him there is an eminent team of doctors like Dr. Sreeram, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Santhosh, and Dr. Renjith. Our Cardio thorasic department is headed by Dr. Rameswara.

September 26th is being celebrated as World Heart Day. NIMS Medicity has decided to conduct a programme styled “NIMS Arogya Mela “ from 26th September to 28th Septrember.

The following benefits are included in the programme

1)50% discount on ECG, Blood Test, Echo and TMT

2) Free angiogram check up for the first 25 patients who register for the camp

3) For the rest angiogram test will be conducted at a rate of 3,500/-

4) The patients who register for the camp can also enroll themselves for the free heart surgery project Heart to Heart.

To register please contact: 9387447772, 9847807772

2010 independence day was celebrated with the most needy people in the 9th ward of General hospital. 9th ward of General hospital is an icon for the sufferings of humanity. People who are unattended, mentally instable, physically impaired and left out from the society find a roof there. We decided to spend this independence day with them. Minister for Harbor development department Sri Surendren Pillai precided over the function. We donated clothings and sheets for the inmates. The staff who take care for the patients were duly honored by presenting clocks. Matha Vanitha Society , a charity organisation run by Mr. Radhakrishna pillai, is supplying food for the inmates for the past 10 years. He was also honored at the function.A trolly for carrying food and medicine was donated . The managing Director of NIMS Mr. Faizal khan was present.

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