Dream of Us

NIMS charity works in communities around the world. They are committed to being there until local people no longer need their help. What's more, local people decide which projects will give them the best chance of changing their lives for the better.


Dream of Us

Being different from all other charity organizations NIMS group’s charity has its own trademark and footprint on society. The main differentiators of NIMS group from others are the different vertical presence and the social commitments they have been shows to the public.

  • Protect our rural urban society
  • Increase appreciation of social responsibilities and commitments
  • Raise awareness and do charities to prevent illness
  • Improve educational opportunities for children
  • Help the poor families to get on the peace of family.
  • Encourage diversity and technical knowledge
  • Assist elderly people to live with dignity
  • Provide relief in emergency situations
  • Do if needs even Village adoption

The tree planting for the social welfare and environmental sustainability also our other core competency. We won’t even compromise tree-cutting or any environmental pollution or anything of that like abuses of society. The real hood example for NIMS group’s that spirit is the reason for, much of the NIMS buildings don’t even have clear shape. If they had cut the trees properly, then their building would have been the proper and exact gaze and gawk.


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